Achille Srl - About us

Expert in trading of zoothechnical products and agro-energy products for biodigester plants

Achille Srl was born thirty years ago thanks to the collaboration with sugar factory in Casei Gerola for the beetroot pulp trading.

Zootechnical products were the core business of the company, with the trading of beetroot pulp, forages (straw, hay, alfalfa), cereals, protein meals, soy, cotton seeds and so on…

Due to the closure of sugar plant, it was strategical finding out new markets and try to extend the offer.

The new trading products started to be agro-energy products for renewable energy market (above all corn, rice and grape subproducts) linked to the biodigester plants growth.

Moreover we are exclusive producer of the natural and sanitized litter BIOLETTIERA®, suitable for poultry, cattles and horses.

We work with important multinational company, feed producers and energy companies and we ensure our customers reliable service, from the first offer to logistic and administrative aspects.

We are at your disposal for infos and price, contact us!