Agro-energy products

Expert in trading of agro-energy products for biodigester plants.

Biogas is one of the most used alternative sources for the production of renewable energy, it has a high calorific value and can be converted into electricity and heat. The residue of fermentation it’s called digestate, which is a liquid material, completely odorless, with a high agronomic value, with improved characteristics compared to the starting material. Italy is one of the main producers of biogas in agriculture, fourth in the world after Germany, China and the United States; electricity from biogas represents another way in addition to the major renewable sources (wind and solar photovoltaic) and contributes to a 100% green electricity load coverage. (source:

Agricultural biogas plants have had a strong expansion in recent years thanks to state incentives; they can have different potentials depending on the size of the farm, ranging from 50 kW up to 1000 kW and more.

In addition to biogas plants, it is increasingly common to find biomethane plants.

Biomethane comes from the raw biogas also obtained through anaerobic digestion, and then it’s submitted to a purification and refining process called upgrading. This is the main phase where the conversion of biogas into biomethane takes place, therefore there is the compression phase for the introduction into the natural gas network.

How it works

Achille - Expert in trading of agro-energy products for biodigester plants

Power supply choice may vary according to the different kind of plants; among the different types of biomass we find the agricultural by-products deriving from industrial processes that are frequently used, and the products we can offer are by-products of corn, rice and grape which guarantee different performance depending on the plant.

Our suppliers are leading companies in the livestock sector, multinationals dedicated to the processing of vegetable raw materials, starches, distilleries and national rice mills, in order to offer high quality products that are periodically checked through bith laboratory tests and with yield tests.


From maize processing

Wet corn feed

It’s composed mostly of fiber, enriched in starch, proteins and minerals, obtained during the wet milling process. Mixtureof corn steep liquor and maize fibres.

Corn steep liquor

It’s the concentrated solution of soluble products extracted from maize during the soaking prior to fractionation of the kernel following the wet milling process.

Broken corn

It consists of the fraction of maize left after the screening process.

Corn flour

Flour obtained from maize processing, used both in agro-energy and zootechnical field.

From rice processing

Rice husk

It’s a floury residual obtained from the rice bleaching process.

From grape processing

Dried marc

It’s a flour of brown color. By-product of the dried grapes processing.

Wet marc

It’s the by-product of grape processing, the result is a moist flour of brown color

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