The main function of a litter is to ensure a comfortable environment for the animal, ensuring a certain thermal insulation and avoiding direct contact with the flooring of the stable or, in general, of the structure in which the animal lives.

Bedding material used in dairy farming has a significant effect on the welfare and the performance of animals; in addition, proper management of the litter plays an important role in increasing the productivity of dairy farms.

BIOLETTIERA® is 100% natural, obtained from pure vegetable fibers from controlled crops not subject to grazing, selected on the basis of high health standards (low presence of fungal contaminants and related mycotoxins).

With high absorbent power and high ammonia retention capacity, the fibers are processed in pellets, crumbled and cleaned with an exclusive technology and finally sanitized with a treatment called "biocontrol".

It is composed exclusively of wheat straw with the addition of GM-free natural sanitizer, based on proenzymes, ciliated protozoa, nucleic acids, mineral salts and selected strains of thermophilic and mesophilic bacteria, which is sprayed on the product during the pellet processing phase.

It’s available for cattle, poultry and horses: the product is prepared according to the different types of animal and the customer needs and it could be packed in big bag, 30Kilos bags or in bulk.

BIOLETTIERA® is a trademark registered with: Chamber of Commerce of Pavia Italian Patent and Trademark Office (Reg. N° 0001246876).

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